They May Laugh But This Could Be Your Best Neighborhood Watchdog

akc french bulldog breeder

They may well laugh. It has to do with what kind. What kind of dog are you parading around your neighborhood? And what kind of animal is guarding your property at night? If you have a Maltese Poodle, hardly a couch potato because of its small size, it would be more a case of gawking at just how cute it looks.

But you know what they say about judging a book by its cover, not to mention the dog’s bite being worse than its bark. And for sure, that little poodle sure does make a lot of noise. But it’s got little to offer in terms of a serious bite.

The stumpy legged out of breath, heavy-set bulldog, on the other hand, barely makes a sound. And forget about taking him along for a walk because this feller can barely keep up. And sure enough, if you’re brave enough to tug him along through the neighborhood, there’ll be laughs aplenty.

It’s quite simply ridiculous. It’s a sight for sore eyes. And bums. Try and break into this little feller’s backyard and you will soon know all about it. You never see him, and you certainly don’t hear him. Even if you did spot him, your eyes would deceive you. You look at this feller and then you say to yourself.

Nah, but yikes, that sure hurt. You’ve been bitten pretty bad. That’s the English bulldog for you. But hardly anyone knew or thought that there was a French alternative. Oo-la-la, and all of that. The akc french bulldog breeder also brings you a handsome result of what can be achieved through legal and responsible cross-breeding, recognized by most authoritative US dog breeding associations across the country. 

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