The Benefits of a Dog Harness

Walking dogs using collars and leashes has been a staple of the world since we figured out we could walk dogs. However, the leash does come with some drawbacks. For one thing, it can be hard to control your dog if they veer or go off to sniff something. Pulling on the leash can often mean strangling the dog or causing damage to the dog’s throat.

Plus, managing the reach of the leash is also difficult, as is figuring out where to hold it. That’s why many dog owners switch to harnesses. Leather dog harnesses go across the dog’s chest instead, removing the pressure from the throat and also giving you more control over the dog’s movement.

To visualize it, think about grabbing someone by the neck and moving them around. Not only would it be painful, but you’d also have a lot of trouble getting the person to you what you wanted. Now imagine taking that same person by the shoulders. You’ve got a lot more control for a lot less effort and you aren’t in danger of hurting the person.

Leather dog harnesses

Dog harnesses wrap around the dog’s chest and ensure that he is kept comfortable and also close by. If he starts to move around you can tug on the harness and bring him back to the path with more control. While they are a little harder to put on, controlling a dog with a harness is easier than walking a dog with a leash, and you might find yourself walking the dog a lot more.

If you have a bigger dog that can pull you around, then a harness can help you regain control so you can walk with him easily and without issue. The leash vs harness debate has gone on for a while, but for you it can all be about personal choice.